Monday, 14 April 2014

My First Stage Experience!!!

Still shivering as I write this post!!!

It was the amazing day of 12th april,2014 when I finally made it to the stage that matters the most to all actors or anyone planning to be a part of the entertainment industry, and all of this happened with me in a flash & unexpectedly.

I still remember the day when actors were finalized for the play happening on 12th April. I wasn’t even sure that I could make it there or even be a part of the proxy actors that perform while original actors are busy with some other important tasks.

And then there came the day when I was asked to perform as an Assistant Judge during rehearsals. I thought that this is just another day, when I was just performing on behalf of someone else as I wasn’t able to give that much time to theatre due to job, but this wasn’t a dream, it was a reality.

I was shocked & stunned because I wasn’t sure if I would ever get the opportunity, and when Arvind Sir asked me about the dress, I was in cloud nine as I had never expected it, but then my search for dress started. It was the 12th of April when I started searching for the dress early morning, and didn’t have it with 3 hours for the play to go live.

It was a full on haphazard state as I didn’t get the dress & we were running short of time. A member of the group & an external friend were trying their best to ensure that I am in place on stage on time and then…. FINALLY, I got a call that my dress has been arranged & I need to ensure that all other extra details are intact. I ensured that I have all things in place, so we tried to be ALL SET & READY, before the BIG MOMENT of my THEATRE LIFE shapes up.

And in the HUDDLE before the play, I was given some very important tips by Arvind Sir about how to perform during the play and then the BIG MOMENT happened. I had butterflies in my stomach, not knowing what to expect and then as the CURTAINS rose up, I was thrilled & stunned, not sure how this will go.

All fellow members, specially, Bajrang Sir shared his expertise with us in the Green room & behind the STAGE, Nisha was very helpful to me, in curbing my NERVOUSNESS. Thankfully, I entered on stage with a look of DISBELIEF & NERVOUSNESS. Worried about how to make the legs move, hoping about not making a mistake & disrupting the play, but then mistakes are a part of the process. I do recall all my wrong moves, deeds & mannerisms. It felt difficult to be on STAGE for 1 and a ½ hours. I SALUTE those who are on STAGE and are performing DAY-IN & OUT.

Finally, the END RESULT was BEYOND WORDS, as entire CAST got a STANDING OVATION from the AUDIENCE & my name was ANNOUNCED by ARVIND SIR while introducing the CAST.

Still feeling like it was a DREAM, but I am HAPPY, I lived it & survived it.