Saturday, 28 December 2013

Eudcated we stand,Qualified we fall

We live in a world,where there are multiple courses and people get multiple degrees,but the real question remains : Are they really educated? OR have they been qualified to enter a new course and be a part of the rat race that makes them feel more dissatisfied and help them understand that they haven't been educated enough in any educational institute-school, college and others.

In a society where people get qualified every year to go into the next class,isn't it necessary that we educate them instead of qualifying them,so that they become responsible individuals than becoming just another bookworm who wants to get good marks so that they can just be a part of the rat race,instead of being a master of their life through being educated.

Even our schools & colleges have a report card that either says that your kid passed to the next class or qualified to the next class, but never says educated. What an Irony?

In a country, where youth till 23 years of age knows so much about fashion,style & be a dude to have a girlfriend, if asked about who was Marx or Lenin they feel being bowled on a bouncer. Most Indians have an idol like Bhagat Singh Ji,but when you ask them about him as well, people have least knowledge, & there he was who knew about Marx,Lenin & many other things before his hanging day of 23rd March,1931 at the age of 23.

I think it is high time that schools start understanding the responsibility that they have & prepare students to become mature educated adults instead of mere people who want to learn,earn & be among the people that understand no responsibility that they have as an individual or a citizen.