Saturday, 19 October 2013

Are we Talking?

Remember the days when you used to walk to your friend to share what you had in mind and see face to face what he feels about your story but that is now as ancient a tradition as you are yourself.

In the age of technology,where you have mediums to talk virtually,who wants to look alien? When you have mediums like Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp,WeChat and the endless list,there are no reasons for us to visit and meet people when we can be virtual and still be close, but a question still makes me feel anxious to get some answers on the way while we are becoming more social virtually then personally.

IS this really making us feel so social?

1) Online Accessibility :
We are accessible more on social mediums than being on a personal basis. We feel that by being accessible online,we have a social status and if we ain't then it hurts our social esteem. Now,isn't this the new jealousy factor that has got into us and we don't want to feel awkward about being unavailable.

2) Addiction :
Addiction of Social media is what most of Social Media users suffer from. No Social media user wants to miss out on any latest happening with any member they know of. Now,we are so used to reading about what is cooking in the other person's life, that we just get hooked to our smartphone/Lap or Desktop.

We as a community have stopped talking to people around us,coz for us the world exist where Social Media is. Is this a healthy sign?

3) FOMO :
Most Social media users suffer from this syndrome. They have this,"Fear of missing out" that let's them be stuck to their own system almost 24*7. The utmost fear that people have is about missing out on the other person's life activities more than their own. This ensures they are hooked to their system looking for places,people,events or any activities that their friends might post on the social networks.

Users anxiously wait for likes,comments on their pictures/posts right the moment they put it live. Incase, the same doesn't happen, they become frightened as that is against their set expectations.

Let's find a resolution & keep enjoying social effectively before it's too late.

I would like to end with this caution (in Hindi)

"अपना नंबर कभी खुद मिला के देखा है,

एंगेज ही मिलेगा,नियमों का लेखा है,

दूसरो से मिलने में हर कोई मस्त है,

खुद से मिलने की सारी लाइने व्यस्त है"