Sunday, 5 May 2013

Rape of Human or Society?

Rape,a word no mother wants for their girls,no girl wants for self,no family wants it to happen to them & society of course doesn't want,but,we do have people in the same society that want this to happen,try to make the society go in shock,and such a crime be heard loud & clear every day in any news paepr/channel & the victim goes in a depression state,his family traumatized & society astonished.

What is rape? I don't think I need to tell that,as every man/woman understands that & what it means,it's effects/side effects,but why do rapes happen? I think we can talk about that.

In our society we have been blessed to have women & men,but at the same time we have men,that think by molesting,degrading women,they show their मर्दानगी,but in reality they show their twisted & deformed mindset.

Is this something that is inculcated in them by birth,or does it come due to society or some other means? Let's talk about it :

1) By Birth : Does a kid learn from birth to rape girls? Of course not, it is the society that makes such a mindset. It is the society that gives such a shelter to the kids with such weird mindset so is the society to be blamed.

2) Society & its backwardness : In society,when a kid sees that when a guy is eve teasing a girl,and the person is not getting an objection,he follows the same way. In our society,a girl's rejection is termed as insult & in an attempt to show his stupid mentality is the best,he can go to the level of raping a girl. Society has not laid down ears to this issue at all,thinking that how the heck does it matter if girls get abused/hurt. They are meant to be abused & that is what they have to do. They are supposed to be with their husbands & work per his wish,if he abuses/hits them then they have to accept it. It's their duty. 

But, the most important & biggest one is :

3) Mindset : Mindset is the biggest factor & if this factor could be altered, life's of girls & women in the society could change. It is the mindset that leads to the maximum amount of rapes in the society. People with a stagnated mindset think that they have the utmost liberty to molest girls,do stupid stuffs & still not being said anything. They might need to understand beyond the most tainted line for slogans,"Meri Maa,Meri Bahen ke saath koi karega,toh main dekhunga". 

What if such a cruelty is done to some other girl around You,would You not try to save her,instead feel happy if the other girl gets molested,as she is not blood related? Think again,next time it could be Your own ones,& the other person also decides to do what You did to others,then?????

Appended below is the screenshot from National Crime against Women which has the most updated records against women.

Now,I think it is important for us, to understand that all such cases happen only due to stagnated mindset.

Let us change the MINDSET as a change in it will ensure a better future for girls,for us & for society. IF the same is not worked upon soon,the results could be terrifying. We might be left in a world,where girls feel sad leaving house cause of all such issues.

Let's pledge to try & make a difference & react when we see any such crime/incident/attempt happening around us.

Till we meet again,let's not just keep thinking,instead lets take action,and Yes,LETS CHANGE THE MINDSET