Thursday, 25 April 2013

Religion: Reality or Hypocrisy

Religion..... an 8 letter word that forms our life/soul from birth until death. No matter what Your name is, Your caste or Your sex You always have to abide to the norms of Your religion to call yourself religious & live in "society".

Is religion really existent? Do we really have a religion? I guess not,because we have the boundaries that confine us,but religion was supposed to join and not divide us. We have religious beliefs,most of them to serve the god we have never seen,most of them to take his name although he/she is nowhere to be found. Most of us start living our lives in these boundaries,while some move out of these boundaries & take humanity as their religion.

We all have heard the famous quote,"Hindu,Muslim,Sikh,Isayi,aapas mein sab bhai bhai" (Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian brothers all together). We do have Navaratra's celebrations for Maa Durga,but why can't we have Navaratra's for Mother Mary when we all are brothers. Why do we need to have specific looks,specific beliefs when we all are same? We do believe in the karmic law,but we still have utmost stupid beliefs because of the stringent boundaries of our religion that has been fed into our minds since we were a kid. If I oppose the ridiculous beliefs & ask a sardar to take off his Kada and put on a muslim cap,or shave his beard off as that is wierd,or a muslim to put on chaap tilak, hold sfutick mala and speak raam naam,I might be opposed with a fatwa or even brutally murdered by some people that think they are the owners of the society.

People are of the belief that if they don't follow the norms of the religion they are in,then that is wrong but the reality is :

हम राम को मानते हैं, राम की नहीं मानते
रामायण को मानते है, रामायण की नहीं मानते
अल्लाह को मानते है, अल्लाह की नहीं मानते
कुरान को मानते है,कुरान की नहीं मानते
नानक साहिब जी को मानते है,नानक साहिब जी की नहीं मानते
ग्रन्थ साहिब को मानते है,ग्रन्थ साहिब की नहीं मानते
जीसस को मानते है, जीसस की नहीं मानते
बाइबिल को मानते है,बाइबिल की नहीं मानते

Why do we feed the attributes which are irrelevant to raise people to higher self? Why do we want people to respect/worship because of fear? Why not make them a better human than a fearful religious human?

 Isn't it funny that we take oaths during marriages in the name of Fire,God and then days later we are beating the hell out of that lady by making her life miserable? We are celebrating Navratri,and raping up a 5 year old at the same time,and then say we are really religious & human. I think we need to re-think about our religious beliefs.

Instead of feeding kids/people with religious beliefs lets feed them with beliefs to be a better human being.

It's the same reason,why Aiku Lal - Akbar had to go through a turmoil of events to ensure that relationship & bonding is sustained. It is why the good human Aiku was ridiculed by lawyers at court,his religious differences with Akbar were questioned & his life was made miserable.

Seen in the pic is Aiku (right) who helped Akbar (left) get life in Baradari,Lucknow but without changing his name,religion. He gave him life & his kindness was questioned by people with limited mindset & thinking,who can't think beyond the ongoing religious intolerance in the country. When in our country we can have an intercaste or different religion marriage,then why not an inter religion parentship/mothership?

Why do we have these beliefs which form a base to our survival that have no formal/relevant existence. We do have a belief to bow our heads in front of stone for no reason. It is just that we have been told to do so since birth,so we keep on doing that,without understanding the point. We waste so much of resources just to make the stones happy,that have no existence,that haven't spoken to us ever. The most funniest of all is that the stone that You worship on,has gone through so much beating by another human to get to this shape and then one stupid man,said some words, and per him it became alive..... oh come on...... is that really possible..... freak????? How can we be so dumb?

Only muslims can go for a haj,for every great Sikh Gurudwara we have to add Sahib to it,or for a leader to religion we blow white smoke out of a chimney,what a load of garbage are such things/rituals that we blindly follow without understanding the reality.

Why do we not create a society where such religious beliefs could be put to rest,and equality of all religions be maintained. Where we can celebrate Navratri for Mother Mary,ram Navmi for Jesus & dissolve all such stupid,baseless rituals & reforms that have no work,and are just a burden for us.

I know a lot of You will raise eyebrows,as You read the blog,thinking why asking for Navratra in the name of Mother Mary,but these religious boundaries have stopped us from becoming a much better version of ours,i.e., a much better human being. We should & must try to change the current reforms/beliefs in religion than be accustomed to the filthy beliefs of ours. We have done that in the past,we took off Sati Pratha,No Widow Marriage,Child Marriage to name a few.

Let this be the time we rise above our religious,hereditary,regional patterns to change our religious beliefs & if that can't be done,lets for once in for all dissolve all of them & just one religion for entire universe,HUMANITY

Lets make it Happen

Friday, 5 April 2013

Plays for You

Do You like Theatre? Are You an admirer of thought provoking and hard hitting plays,then keep yourself available on 20th & 21st April to watch Asmita Theatre's plays,"Moteram Ka Satyagrah" and "Ramkali" respectively.

Moteram ka Satyagrah :

Munshi Premchand Ji's story "Moteram ka Satyagrah" is the story of a Pandit Ji who tries to stop,"Hartal" by the common people during the visit of Viceroy Sahab,and goes through a lot of moments that will tickle your funny bone to the core. The play is a comic-satire. On the whole, the play appears to be a simple story about a Brahmin from Banaras. Pandit Moteram Shashtri, as he is known,decides to go on a hunger strike to stop the Hartal. What he goes through is something that will make You fall off Your seats. The play also deals with the larger issue of the relationship between Religion and Politics. The songs during the play help You understand the connect between the scenes. The issues raised are as relevant and contemporary now, as they were under the colomset's rule.

Read Media Reviews about Moteram ka Satyagrah (The Hindu)

Ramkali :

Ramkali is based on Bertolt Brecht's play,"The Good Woman of Szechwan" and has been performed a lot of times by Asmita Theatre group. The play revolves around the title lady,"Ramkali" who is a kind hearted lady but also called prostitute and does anything in her power to help others in the first half of the play,then, a small modification and the play goes through a change which keeps people in awe about the character of Ramkali. The play really has a lot of good moments to tickle Your funny bone, and keep You thinking about what is happening next.

Be at SRC,Mandi House on 20th and 21st April to see the plays.

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