Friday, 29 March 2013

Where is Swadesh Deepak?

Swadesh Deepak,a famous playwright who always attacked the feudal tendencies of the society through his writings has been missing over the last 7 years,but,no one has the time to actually find out where this phenomenal playwright is.

Deepak's work has appeared in all major literary periodicals of India, and he has more than 15 published titles to his credit. Several of his works have been staged and made into television programmes.

His play,"Court Martial" hits hard on the feudal tendencies and mindset of casteism evident in society and in the Indian Army. The play has been performed numerous times across India,by eminent theatre personalities like Arvind Gaur. His other plays include : 

  • Jalta Hua Rath 
  • Sabse Udaas Kavita
  • Kaal Kothari
  • Natak Bal Bhagwan
His novels are : 
  • Number 57 Squadron
  • Mayapot

His Collection of short stories are : 

  • Ashwarohi
  • Maatam
  • Tamaasha
  • Pratinidhi Kahaniyan
  • Bal Bhagwaan
  • Kisi Apriya Ghatna Ka Samachar Nahin
  • Maskhare Kabhi Nahin Rote
  • Nirvachit Kahaniyan

He has been awarded,"Sangeet Natak Akademi",the biggest award to be ever given to a performing artist in India,but his absence has been unnoticed. 

In a country,where Media and entertainment channels think that they are the fourth pillar and run the mindest of people, this playwright has been hitting hard on the same,but his absence has not been even registered. A country where if a star sneezes,dresses or does anything becomes a national news,Swadesh Deepak Ji's absence,not getting noticed is something which raises questions on effectiveness of the mediums.

Dear Media/Entertainment,Would request You to Kindly take note of this request and help us find him.

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